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Welcome to The Highlands Community Site

Welcome to The Highlands of Channahon, Illinois, and the Three Rivers area most desirable sub-division. There are over 500 homes, parks for children and easy access to McKinley Woods and the Illinois River. The Highlands offers some of the area’s most luxurious homes in a family friendly environment. The sub-division is split between Will and Grundy Counties.

Our web site is designed to be a communication vehicle between the Homeowner’s Association and our homeowners as well as an opportunity for people interested in buying a home in The Highland’s to learn more about The Highlands.

Let this site be your virtual gateway to the local community and the internet. We encourage you to use this web site for the valuable and timely information it offers about your neighborhood - add us to your list of favorites or make it your homepage!

Do you want to get rid of some things in the garage but are too busy to have a garage sale, list your items in the free Classifieds in the Topics section. Please take a tour and see the wonderful information and services that are now at your fingertips. Come back often .

Brought to you by the The Highlands Homeowners Association. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Please register with this site to qualify for more features and access to many powerful tools. Some of these tools include a resident database, bulletin board postings, and the ability to submit classified ads. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site, suggestions are welcome!!!

Board of Directors

Dr. Kelly-Manning Smith President
Paula Pfeifer Secretary/Treasurer
Katie Stiteley Director (non-officer position)


Hail damage solicitors need to have a permit from the Village. Ensure anyone @ your door is permitted, licensed, and bonded.

With yesterday's hail and storm damage, Channahon will likely see an increase in solicitors assessing homes for repair.

All solicitors in Channahon need to first be permitted through the Village and display their permit(s) when soliciting door to door.

With any work done to your home, please ensure any contractor is licensed, insured, and bonded.

You can contact the Village of Channahon @ (815)467-6644. For suspicious activity contact the Channahon Police through 911 for emergencies or (815)467-5152 for non-emergencies.


Beautiful weather brings many opportunities for summer activities and many Highland residents enjoy summer boating, camping, or exploring in their RV’s or on an ATV. This post is a reminder that the covenants in all of the units equally stipulate in section 3.14 that the “outside storage or parking of any mobile home, trailer (either with or without wheels), motor home, tractor, truck (other than pick-up trucks), commercial vehicles of any type, camper, motorized camper or camper trailer, boat or other watercraft, boat trailer, motorcycle, motorized bicycle, motorized go-cart or any other related forms of transportation devices are expressly prohibited.

Noncompliance with this covenant stipulation will result with Board action.

Please contact the Board if you have any questions about section 3.14 or any other section of the Highland Homeowner’s Covenants, Thank you and enjoy your summer!


As assessments have been recorded, many missing addresses have been identified. Please be advised that all addresses and new owners will be updated this SPRING and additional mailings will be sent in April.

2015 Assessment

Yes, it is that time again, assessments are due and they are in the mail. All checks need to be posted by March 1st, 2015 to avoid late charges.The good news is Dues will remain $60 for the 2015 assessment year!!! Unfortunately, the PAYPAL credit card option will not be available to homeowners this year. We are attempting to establish a "business account" for the HOA, but the previous PAYPAL account was a personal account and cannot be used this year. The new business account will be established by next year so we appreciate your patience.

2015 Assessment Notice

2015 Notice of Assessment Letter


It feels like Spring has finally sprung and the Board is being contacted by many residents with new spring/summer projects. It is important to understand the convenant for your Unit in the subdivision. Additionally, please note certain limitations outlined by the Village of Channahon's local ordiances may interfere with your construction plans. Please join our website to download a new copy of your covenant, a construction form, or get information about the architectual review committee before you start planning your new projects.

New Facebook Page

"Like" and "Follow" us on our new FACEBOOK page The Highland Subdivision!!/pages/The-Highland-Subdivision/1545730262342143

Dr. Kelly Manning-Smith
HOA President

HOA Covenants

You can click on 'documents' and locate the covenants for the Highlands. 

Each set of covenants is based on where you live. You must know your 'unit' number (1 to 9) to select your correct covenant. 
When you purchased your home, you shuld have received a copy of your covenants.


If you are planning on any construction projects in 2015, you will be required to submit a Homeowner Construction Submission Form with your plans.  The form is available in the Documents section (upper left side of the home page

Posted by tchadmin on Friday, July 03 @ 13:16:46 CDT (1 reads)
Announcements No restrictions for irrigation, swimming, Fish consumption or drinking (animals).
One of the four ponds, Jacob Drive Pond, was treated for algae.

If you live on a pond and would like to receive an email each time the ponds are treated, please forward your name and email to:
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Posted by tchadmin on Thursday, June 18 @ 12:42:59 CDT (274 reads)
Announcements On June 15th, the HOA Board held a special meeting to address HOA concerns and suggestions and to appoint a new secretary (from the directors).

The Board split the treasure/secretary position and also eliminated the position of Vice President to reflect the By-Laws. Only three positions are listed in the By-Laws, President, Treasure, & Secretary.

The Board officially accepted the written resignation of former director (Vice President) Tad Zito, and appointed Katie Stiteley (director) to fill the secretary's position until the Fall annual meeting.

Paula Pfeifer will continue to serve as Treasure, and Dr. Kelly Manning-Smith will continue to serve as President.

Additionally, the Board addressed a new process for opening all of the covenants for amendment and to open only those covenants that can be amended due to age.

The Board has adopted the process and a draft will be posted on the HOA website.

Further inquiries or suggestions are welcomed. The HOA is governed by its members and the information provided to the Board. In order for this Board to be responsive to the needs of the HOA membership, please take the time to inform your directors of your concerns or suggestions.
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Posted by tchadmin on Thursday, June 18 @ 10:49:54 CDT (18 reads)
Announcements No restrictions for irrigation, swimming, Fish consumption or drinking (animals).
One of the four ponds, Jacob Drive Pond, was treated for algae.

If you live on a pond and would like to receive an email each time the ponds are treated, please forward your name and email to:
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Posted by tchadmin on Tuesday, June 16 @ 19:47:51 CDT (45 reads)
Announcements First, I would like to show my appreciation to the members of LPC for their assistance and for volunteering their time.

Despite the conjecture being spread on another Highland Residents Facebook page, the Landscape and Pond committee have done extensive and thorough work this year. The HOA is NOT three new Board members, we (and that includes all members), are the HOA. Second, the responsibility for maintaining the ponds is a shared responsibility between the HOA members and the pond owners.

Links to Pond summaries have been placed below for all members to view. These summaries are of a Pond assessment completed by the members of LPC and Ken's ponds. These summaries and a 5 year strategic plan were presented to the Board for approval. At this time, the Board is only considering safety and drainage concerns for the 2015 season. Additional concerns including erosion, pond health, dredging and aeration will be discussed for the 2016 season and beyond.

The current pond maintenance program supplied by Ken's Ponds does not address the debris, including blown garbage, dead reeds and weeds, grass clippings and other debris that has been thrown into the ponds including Christmas trees. The HOA has never completed a clean out of any of the ponds including weed clean up. The only clean out performed on the ponds was prior to the covenants being turned over to the HOA.

Bids are being sought to cut down reeds and weeds that are growing in and on shore of the ponds, as well as debris clean up around inlets and outlets. The bids will be reviewed and recommendations will be made to the Board. Any concerns or information that HOA members would like to share with LPC or the HOA Board need to be forwarded through the proper channels so that they can be used in the problem solving process. At this time, the Board is working with the concerns that have been brought to the Board formally. Please be contact the Board or LPC through the website, phone or email contacts.

Thank you for you support.

Highland Pond Summary
Kimberly Pond Summary
Jacob Pond Summary
Lauren Pond Summary

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Posted by tchadmin on Thursday, June 11 @ 08:00:55 CDT (25 reads)
Announcements All four ponds were treated on 6/9 for algae. The Highland pond and Kinberly pond were treated for submersed vegetation. Do not allow animals to drink from Highland or kimberly for 7 days.
If you live on a pond and would like to receive an email each time the ponds are treated, please forward your name and email to:
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July 2015


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